Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm working along, waiting for midnight. At the end of each month, the traffic patterns for my work web site need to be analyzed to see what content is most popular, how many people are visiting the site, where they are coming from, etc. I could do this anytime I guess, but like to get this done so the computer can crunch through these huge files and we have all the data for last month when I get into the office tomorrow morning.

I was reading John's entertaining blog the other day about trucker language (http://longmiles.blogspot.com/) and was thinking about all our professional languages. When I was doing photography, it was about f/stops, focal lengths, depth-of-field, fish-eye's, push/pull proceessing, D-76 (yes, I am old) and so on. In computers, a whole new and dizzying array of terms and acronyms.

So tonight I will be rolling the logs and resetting the Apache service, then transferring them from the server and running them through the web analytics software. I am doing this all through a remote desktop connection on a VPN over TCP/IP, but on a non-standard port.

John... your language is much more interesting! :-)

Friday, July 27, 2007

As the child of a military officer, I have lived in a lot of different places. Sometimes I think it would have been nice to have grown up in one area, but you don't really miss what you never knew. On the one hand, you get to start over many times, doing things differently, on the other hand, you tend to have to give up friends and make new ones. One thing for sure, you do get to experience different "cultures" and learn to appreciate parts of each of them, including your own.

I started this thinking of the regional forms of my entertainment in all these different locations as I was growing up... playing keep-away from the mosquito fogging truck in Florida (not really a game, more self-preservation); Cricket, Conkers - I think I had a 5-er once (here is how to play this strange game using horse chestnuts) and Snooker in England; Euchre, Ultimate Frisbee and various drinking games in college in Ohio (part of the education.. right?). As for living in Maryland, the games I have found unusual so far are a dart game variation on a wooden board (American Darts), Duckpin bowling and Pitch. Any other Maryland, Northeast US games I am missing? Have any special games that you played growing up? Any other forms of nut based entertainment? (I have to think Conkers is one of a kind). ;-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have been writing a lot about my dad in the blog so far, since his hospital visits and surgeries have been of concern to myself and my friends. He is doing well, having just returned from a weekend at the Eastern Shore this afternoon.

Now for a little about my mom. She lives in Bowie, is active in her church, does water aerobics, travels often, and is now semi-retired from her work in biohazard safety (she claims retired, but seems to still have a project going here and there). She is well known in her field and is often sought out by the CDC, NIH and large corporations when they need her expertise. I haven't blogged about her yet, since there has not been an event or activity that has sparked a blog entry... but she comes and takes my daughter to the farm some days, watches my dog when I go on vacation, and is always ready to help out if I need anything. She clips articles of interest (I read them sometimes), tries to buy clothes that my daughter might wear (that's a tough one!), shares her Trader Joes purchases with us, makes her "war cake" recipe from time to time (that one has to be experienced, it's sort of a fruit cake), and takes part in other motherly and grandmotherly activities.

When I was young, my mom and I traveled over most of Europe together, including a trip to Leningrad and Moscow in the 70's. My dad would come along when work and military committments would allow.. but sometimes it was just the two of us, and perhaps 40 more people if she had organized the trip. I remember her coming to my boarding school on Thursdays to take me out for chicken sandwiches and tea, always a nice break from the cafeteria food. We don't spend that kind of time together much anymore, since I have a family of my own to take care of, but I have always been proud of my mom for her many accomplishments and sacrifices... I believe that warrants a blog entry. :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back to reality again... have to refocus my brain to deal with web site issues, project planning and strategies instead of where to eat, what sunblock to use and what shops to explore. Vacation has come to an end... but it was a wonderful two weeks and the memories should hold me over for quite a while.

The last few days I have been exploring Rehoboth with my girlfriend. It was a much different energy level than the week before in Ocean city with my daughter. I enjoyed the slower pace, the less crowded beaches and the eclectic stores... a very relaxing vacation with a very special person. Just what I needed. :-)

My Aunt and Uncle from Georgia were in town for a visit this week and got a chance to come out and see my daughter riding at the farm. My dad and stepmom came also... it was good to see him out of the house. We visited for a while then headed out for my turn to see Harry Potter. Tomorrow the books arrive... we saw a huge crowd outside the Barnes and Noble at 11 pm tonight on our way back from the movie. I'm not in a hurry to get the last one since I have only managed to read the first three books.. so have a lot of reading to do to catch up before everyone tells me what happens in the final book!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Have been vacationing with my daughter, her bff Michele and her family in Ocean City the last few days. We have been enjoying the beach, the cool breezes and summer fun. Tonight we went to the boardwalk and did what all good tourists do.. spend money! Henna tatoo, necklace, sunglasses, food, games, Thrasher fries, more games, rides, yet more games... it was a long day. I love all the games of "skill" that they have.. almost won the pellet gun shootout...so close. Did win the pool game, shooting in 4 balls... got that on the second try and made my daughter very happy with a huge stuffed dog that will probably scare our real one. What games do you like to play at the beach/carnival/midway?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dad is home and recuperating nicely.. got by to visit him while on a farm taxi run this afternoon. Had a wonderful day yesterday... got to hang off the side of a sailing catamaran in a position they call trapezing, supposedly I was helping to keep the boat from turning over.. not sure if that was a disparaging remark about my weight or not? ;-) It was a beautiful day to be out on the water and I was lucky to be able to tag along on this event. Thanks!

Had a wonderful time at the 4th of July party... met a lot of fun people and got to enjoy a poolside fireworks show. The occasional rain shower did not impede the festivities, just moved them indoors from time to time. I had the "honor" of working the grill, only burning a few of the burgers and managing to not set anything else on fire.. so I consider that a successful result. The hostess certainly throws great parties... I hope I get invited again... maybe I will burn less burgers next time?

Looking forward to a fun dinner date tonight with my two favorite "girls". Have never been to a "Melting Pot" before.. but remember my parent's fondue parties from the 70's. I used to load up my skewers since I got impatient waiting to eat... I think at this age, I should be able to be more patient. :-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good news on my dad! He got back on solid food today and enjoyed the corned beef sandwich he has been craving since his first day out of surgery. (He cannot go to Batimore without stopping at Attman's). Current plans are for him to go home on Thursday. It will be a relief to us all (especially him) to have him back home and finishing his recuperation there.

Happy 4th of July! See some of you tomorrow, looking forward to it. :-)