Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why is it that one home project leads to another and another? The kitchen is basically done, but my new refrigerator was delivered last Friday with a dent in it.. so I had to send it back and wait for another. In the meantime, I have been replacing old doors with new 6 panel doors throughout the house. Once that is done, I will paint all the doors and white trim in some sort of painting marathon. Have more ceilings to paint too! The new living room set is in and comfortable... but I have not decided the exact layout of the living room yet, so no photos taken. And of course more cleaning to do! Next time :-)

I got to put my home improvement skills and new cordless tool set to use helping AM with some final basement touch ups last weekend. Still a few things to do there also.. but her basement looks great. Why is it her projects seem more fun?

We did a pub crawl/ghost tour in Annapolis last Saturday. It ended up more crawling than ghost stories, but very enjoyable. Made it a little harder to get up for church on Sunday, but we made it in time for AM to do her class and services. Even managed to stick around for a lacrosse game and burgers at 5-guys before heading back to my house.

Daughter is doing great with her classwork so far.. a few minor glitches on some assignements getting turned in, but her grades have been holding up at this point. I think she is enjoying her new school, and planning for the homecoming dance in the next few weekends.

Now if I can get the house projects done, get the economy straightened out, the right people elected, and some major events at work completed, I think I could relax and enjoy mysel! ;-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well... it's obviously been hard for me to get a blog post done lately. I have spent my evenings finishing things up, trying to get moved back into my living spaces. The kitchen is 98% done.. refrigerator still to come, some trim painting to finish, etc. I think it has turned out wonderfully. I am really enjoying a nice new room in this old house... has me inspired to work on updating the look elsewhere (and cleaning out the place). While out wandering around with AM and her girls last weekend. we stopped into a furniture clearance store to shop for a new bed for her youngest.. and I ended up walking out having purchased a new living room set. That arrives this weekend! A lot of changes in this space that hasn't changed much in the 7 years I have lived here.

Here are a few photos of the new kitchen. Hope to get back to posting with better regularity in the future... but who knows what project I will start on next. Pllus, I hear Facebook is a fun place to visit.. may have to check that out, see if I can make a friend or two! ;-)