Friday, October 31, 2008

In an surprising turn of events, last weekend we sold our horse, Pilgrim. He is going to a lovely new home in Pennsylvania tomorrow, to be the first horse for a new young lady. I expect he will be pampered and loved as he was by my daughter. For my daughter it is both an exciting time, as she prepares (and starts saving money) for her new horse, and a sad time as she has to say goodbye to her first one. One good thing is her friend in Pennsylvania doesn't live too far away, so they can visit from time to time. Also, she had a wonderful lesson riding a new horse, Max, on Wednesday.. she was jumping and cantering so much more than Pilly was able to do, and she had a big smile and renewed energy and confidence. I enjoyed watching her... these are the times that all the hours spent at the farm are most worthwhile!

Tomorrow we will send him on his way with our love.. and my thanks for taking care of my daughter, not causing her any injuries in those two years, and being a good boy (most of the time) ;-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

AM and I just got back from a lovely retreat for spa pampering in Berkely Springs on Friday and Saturday. I had never done that before, and I can now see how it could become a regular treat. We wandered around this small town in West Virginia, strolling into the stores, dining, seeing a movie in a very old and quaint movie theater there. The show, popcorn and drinks for $8.50! Can't even get one ticket for that back in our neighborhoods.

Update on the kitchen.. it's done! Well.. almost. The refrigerator comes on Wednesday. It's been a long wait on that! The doors are all in, and some of them are even painted. Still work to do there. My daughter and I did a near total clearing out of her room.. which now looks great... but all that stuff (that did not immediately get thrown out) is now added to the clutter in the basement. So, one step at a time.. the house will get looking good one day. Since I am hosting Thanksgiving this year.. I guess I have a deadline. ;-)

Sometime in the middle of all this.. the hot tub sprang a leak.. but that is fixed now. Just in time for the cooler fall and winter nights when its the best!

Will be getting back to checking out and commenting on others blogs... I have just been swamped with work, both regular and some side jobs that have made it hard to do more internet work for fun! :-)

Looking forward to seeing some spooky Halloween costumes in the coming weeks. And more SNL skits on the politics.. they have been very entertaining!