Friday, September 25, 2009

September 12, 2009 - Merry Acres Benefit Show

It's been a while since we were at a competition, most of the trips away from the farm lately have been for schooling. But we managed to get everything together and over to a nearby farm for this event. Maya looked good, as did my daughter. She did Intro A and Beginner Novice Dressage tests - no jumping or cross country this time. They looked great and won second in Intro A and first in the Beginner Novice classes. Her trainer thought she should have won both.

I managed to get a video clip this time.

They are doing so well together :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 2 - 7, 2009 - Seattle Trip

We jetted off to Seattle to visit with AM's friends Kim and Mark over the Labor Day weekend. We started off the first day there with a trek into Seattle to see some of the sites. The troll under the bridge was our first stop. Then we headed down by the water to wander around.

Day two, we headed off to hike up to Mt Freemont Lookout. I hadn't hiked anywhere in years, but managed the climb, even though at times I had to take some deep breaths and just watch my feet, since the path was narrow and the dropoff distracting. When we took a moment to stop and look around, the views were amazing. Mt Ranier was just a ridge or two away, and the top was clear in the morning as we were driving there, but was covered in clouds by the time we made the hike. It was a 5.5 hour trek for us, and my tired feet were thankful when we finally got back to the car. I am glad we did it, and I have a ton of great photos (just a few here), and I did not feel at all guilty having a big dinner that night. :-)

Day three and four, we headed back into the city to see Pike's Place market. There was tempting food around every corner. The Original Starbucks was a stop, as well as the fish market where they were throwing fish to each other. We stopped at Beecher's cheese shop and picked up some snacks before heading back for Wii Sports challenges with our hosts. Also picked up some delicious apple cinnamon rolls from Piroshsky Bakery

We didn't get up anything here.. but what an interesting idea for a store... all kilts?

It was a lovely trip.. we got to meet the only bunny we know that has her own blog. She is very cute and did not seem to mind us in her guest room for a few nights.

August 30, 2009 - Bench Dedication

The neighborhood where my Dad used to live had a touching dedication of a bench that holds the names of residents who are now gone, but made contributions to the neighborhood. So far there are three, including my Dad. Betsy was there to help dedicate it, along with a large group of neighbors. The bench sits on the corner as you come into the development, a very thoughtful gesture.

Getting caught up... no horse pictures lately you say? Coming...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I guess I am on a bimonthly blog schedule at this point. Somewhat related to when I download all the photos of my memory card. I am going to have to post these over several days, since I have too many photos.

August 8 - Day Trip to Philadelphia

AM and I shot up 95 to meet up with friends Linne and Kenny. Did the touristy things and saw the Liberty Bell, the Napolean exhibit at the National Constitution Center, had an authentic Philly Cheesesteak at Campos, wandered over to see The Betsy Ross house (but were prevented from that site by the arrival of Michelle Obama and daughters, who were doing their own site-seeing that day), dropped by the Franklin Institute later in the day and had a look at the Star Trek Exhibit. Walking back to where the car was parked, we saw two weddings have photos done at a local fountain square. It was a great day trip... we came back with an interesting souvenir, a lenticular photo of us from the Star Trek exhibit. When you change the angle, we disappear from the transporter pad. Yes, it is the geekiest souvenir ever! :-)

More to come...