Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whew!.. what a busy time it has been getting back up to speed after vacation. The kitchen project kicks off on August 1. Everything has been picked out, just have to pay for it all now! The daughter has put the horse up for sale, which she has been handling herself.. and doing a good job talking with prospective buyers, etc. Still needs help getting to the farm to show the horse.. which my mom has been helping with. She is not stopping riding.. just needs a horse that can do more than this one. He has been a great starter horse.. and we have all learned from him. Hope to find him a good home and plan to visit with him in the future.

Just downloaded some photos from my camera... 4th of July party at AM's. Kids dancing in the rain (of course... it had to rain!) but we still managed a nice firework show in the backyard.

Last weekend, took the daughter and two of her friends to Hershey Park for the day. It was a belated birthday party event. We had fun riding the rides.. it was hot.. and we did not get home until 1 am. But then, that is what parties are all about!

Got to enjoy "Camp Hawyah" with AM several times.. her youngest was dancing and singing in an entertaining production. It was amazing to see these actors on stage, looking so poised and grown up.. then they come out to the lobby at the end and they are young kids! Amazing.

Been running my daughter to horse camp at a farm in Ashton this week and next, then she is off to a GS camp "Cowgirls under the Stars" where the get to actually sleep out with the horses away from the cabins etc. Should be an adventure!

I will be home tearing out cabinets and drywall that week she is gone... going to get some "before" photos of the kitchen and post them soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We are home, safe and sound. It was a long trip back.. when we landed at 8 pm, it was already 1 am to us. Here are some photos of our last day in England. We took a train to Canterbury to hear some of the Canterbury Tales...

Then visited the Cathedral where Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170.

Hopped back on the train and went down to Dover to see the castle.

Then home to a wonderful Dim Sum dinner in London. The next morning we were up, packed and on our way to the airport. We stopped for a break at Paddington station, the same spot we had stopped on the way in..

Now it's laundry, catch up on work, e-mails, blogs, etc. And of course a nice 4th of July weekend ahead! Happy 4th of July to all of you!