Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hope everyone had a memorable memorial day weekend.  Mine was spent at two graduation parties and a Bar Mitzvah.  All very enjoyable!  AM got a chance to meet some of my friends from the old neighborhood and the daughter got to catch up with her best friend we left behind when we moved from Forest Hill almost 7 years ago now, when we attended Ali's graduation party on Monday.  Wow.. 7 years... doesn't seem that long ago.   Sunday we saw the new Indiana Jones movie.. which I thought was very entertaining and fit the genre well.  I won't give any spoilers in case you were not one of the folks contributing to the $140 million or so it took in last weekend.  Humm... maybe I should make a movie? 

Grinding through the work on this holiday shortened work week.. looking forward to the weekend already!  I guess we all do?  

On the drive home Monday.. just a few miles from the house, I caught this...  it's been a while since I caught one of these landmark odometer readings,  (OK, I need a hobby!)  ;-) 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday was part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.. It was a beautiful day, so we trekked over to Wisconsin Ave, found a parking space and a place to sit to watch the illumination of the cathedral. There was quite a crowd, musicians, and while the much anticipated event wasn't exactly what we expected.. it turned out pretty well in the camera. :-)

And as for Sunday - Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last Thursday was the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. It was a most honorable and respectful tribute to my father's service to our country as an Air Force doctor. The horse drawn caisson carried his ashes to the columbarium as the band played and the honor guard marched. The rifle salute, the playing of taps... the flag folding ceremony and lastly the placement of his urn in its final resting place. It was a moving ceremony with so much dignity and respect.

Friday was back to "normal" life with my second kitchen design consultation.. which went great and will be the design I move forward with at this point. I will have to start working on the before pictures, so I can show the transformation. That night I got to enjoy a wonderful chorus performance by AM's oldest.. Swing Time. They all looked and sounded so grown up already.

Monday was the annual charity golf tournament for the Changing Focus group that I was facilitating with for many years. This was the first year without my dad, but we had purchased a hole sponsorship sign in honor of him. I was also playing with the clubs he had handed down to me last year. AM, her usual fearless self, joined me along with Anne and Dan to make our all blogger foursome! (Maybe a first for this tournament). We enjoyed the beautiful day and occasionally hit a ball in the right direction. (I actually had a tee shot that bounced off a tree and landed behind me!) Since it was best ball, we all had fun.

And of course.. it has been a wonderful year since I met AM at this event. We have blogged through our adventures, and shared many stories, family events, injuries, and other less painful moments. ;-) I feel so lucky to have found her and to be able to share in her life with her great kids, family and friends. It truly is a happy anniversary!