Monday, December 22, 2008

I have been negligent in my blogging for a while now. Seems that when you miss doing it for a week or so, its even harder to get started again.

I think I have all my shopping done and just a few things left to wrap. AM, her kids, my daughter and myself will be doing our gift exchange tomorrow. Should be a fun day! Then have to work Tuesday and Wednesday before a nice break for Christmas.

I won't bore you all with a long catchup on all the things going on in the last month, but will summarize thusly...

Work, Farm, Taking care of my daughter, Meetings, Commuting, Lovely days spent with AM and family, Shopping, Decorating, Wrapping, Yoga, Working on web sites, sleeping, eating... you get the picture.

Oh.. Thanksgiving went very well... had AM and a portion of her family, my mom and daughter on hand... the food turned out well and the company was wonderful. It was an inauguration of sort for the new kitchen.. at least I know the oven works now. :-)

A couple of photos from the iPhone - The daughter, friend and horse Max, AM, and the actresses from the recent holiday performance.

Still getting the hang of the new toy... but its been a great replacement for my old iPod and Palm Treo.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year (just in case I go another month between posts).

Merry Christmas!