Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have been tagged to do a MiMe, but will have to come back to that another day. It's been a week of ups and downs. We had a wonderful few days off checking out local sites, theater events, tagging along on AM's work assignments, just general much needed relaxation.

We were on our way back from Frederick on Sunday and stopped by to visit my dad. It was unplanned and we arrived to find him having a hard time breathing and plans to go to the hospital were underway. After a brief visit, we helped get him and his stuff to the car and on his way.

We visited him that night, then again on Monday and Tuesday when he was transferred to the ICU. He was on a respirator and sedated, but able to communicate some between doses. He has always feared being stuck on a respirator, and he had been on one for two weeks a bit over a year ago. His COPD was determined to be the problem, possibly a few silent heart attacks that had further reduced his cardiac capacity, and there were impending kidney problems. Honoring his request, we had the respirator removed on Wednesday night, around 8 pm. His sister and brother-in-law, wife, myself and AM were there to give our love and support. With him comfortable and under sedation, I stayed with him until he passed at 11:50 this morning surrounded by loved ones.

I have been lucky to only have known a few people to die in my lifetime, some tragic, some expected.. but watching the end of his life, knowing how he has struggled with his illness, cancer, lack of energy, chemotherapy, and more... I saw him at peace and at rest. It was a sad, vivid moment that I will always remember, but there was also a sense of calm, knowing he had a wonderful life and that his wishes were done, and his physical battles were over.

Thanks for all you have taught me Dad.. I love you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The taxes are done! Since we share joint custody of our daughter, we also take turns claiming her as a dependent. This is my year, so I look forward to a sizable increase over last years refund. Wonder who I can spend it on? 200 lbs of chocolate peanut butter fudge perhaps? Would make an impressive Easter basket!

Looking forward to the start of Spring Break this weekend. Going to take some time off and bounce around the area... checking out new places, restaurants, etc... should be fun and relaxing, just what we need. :-)

This past weekend, the farm (remember that place? I think I have mentioned going there once or twice before) had a dressage clinic. So was there bright and early, with one hour less sleep for DST, and several hours less sleep for finishing the taxes. So I guzzled my coffee and got a few photos. The daughter won her class and got another ribbon for the fire hazard display growing in her room.

Tonight was Living History at the school. Not sure how widespread this is, but it is a very interesting program. The kids have been working over the last few months to research, write a script, practice, and get a costume and props together. Tonight they performed for their classmates and the gathered parents. They were all nervous (mine especially), but I could see the sense of accomplishment and relief on each one as they finished. It was an informative, entertaining event. My daughter played Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend played Marian Anderson. They did great! :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Why do they do this? I had it programmed into my car, helping me calm down in the Washington D.C. traffic, but after 14 years, my jazz station changed formats and went to the Oldies. I must have missed the memo! Oh well.. my new to me car now has a new to me XM radio, so I can still listen to what I need to get me through those trying commutes. I am still trying to figure out my favorite stations.. which one's do you like (for those of you with XM)?

Tonight it was a delayed return, by way of the Kennedy Center. My daughter's middle school percussion ensemble was selected to play there as part of the Music in Our Schools program. It was a challenge for everyone to get there, but she had wonderful support in her performance from friends and family. While she did not seem to act like it was that big a deal, we all thought it was pretty cool. You can watch the performances from their website (My daughter's group is the second school.. the one's without guitars) You can almost see her in the photo.. ;-)

On my way into the performance, I got an e-mail that informed me that I was selected employee of the month! Not sure what special things I did in February that warranted such recognition, but it was nice just the same! Wonder what I should do with my extra day off? Suggestions?