Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where does the time go? When we last left off we were starting shopping for a new horse. We trekked around Virginia a bit, found a horse we liked… it sold before we could even get our trainer to look at the videos we had taken. Drove up to Pennsylvania and looked at another, then found a good candidate at a farm south of Frederick, just 40 minutes from our house. A trip out with the trainer, check out by the veterinarian and a check out of my bank account later and we had a new horse. This one is now called Maya. She is a beautiful mare and with any luck will be all the horse my daughter will need for a long time!


July 4-5, 2009 – Willy Wonka and 4th of July party

Enjoyed the last two performances of the CCPC theater troupe performances. AM’s youngest and Peggy’s daughter were in the production. It was a lot of fun. After the Saturday performance we all headed back to AM’s for a cookout, pool party and fireworks.

June 21-28, 2009 Outer Banks vacation

We packed up for a week at the beach. It was AM and her three kids and three of their friends, along with me, my daughter, and her friend. Peggy came and joined us for a few days as well. We had a great time… beautiful weather. Had to rent a big Ford van along with AM’s Saturn Vue to get all these kids and our stuff down there.

June 19, 2009 – School’s Out for Summer
(singing along with Alice Cooper)

The freshman year in high school is done. Phew! It was a lot of new experiences for all of us, getting her to school by 7:20 am was no fun, but we have a few months off before we start that again! Ended up with a 3.0 overall, so we are all pretty happy with that… but always room for improvement.

June 18, 2009 - New Horse arrives

Maya arrives at the farm a week or so after my daughter’s 15th birthday. Wasn’t really planning a horse being a birthday present, just sort of worked out that way. ;-)

June 9, 2009 - My daughter’s 15th birthday

Dinner out with her mom at her favorite restaurant – The Melting Pot. That weekend, I had her and a couple of friends sleep over and do some shopping at the Columbia Mall. Happy birthday!

Lastly – caught this license plate on one of our jaunts to Hunt Valley. So true!


Anne said...

glad to see you back in blogland!

Mom said...

You have been busy.