Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We have just shattered the record for most snowfall in a season with 80+ inches at BWI so far (old record was 62.5” in 1995-96, which I can recall as a mess). I have been working just to keep a path clear for our dog Cali to get outside when needed. Schools and work have been closed all week. Will see how much it takes to get out of the neighborhood in the morning.

Earlier in the week, part of the barn where our horse boards collapsed from the snow on the roof. Fortunately none of the horses were injured. Ours has been sick for the past month, so we have been at the farm just about every day since New Year’s taking care of her. Fortunately she finally got a clean bill of health from the vet, so we have not had to get out in this weather. My daughter is looking forward to getting her back in riding shape and seeing what the spring will bring for her eventing ambitions.

I have been trying to get some work done, some house cleaning done… some TV watching done ;-)

Have finally downloaded my photos from the camera:

February 8 – Goodbye lunch for John – off to join the Air Force.

February 6 – First Blizzard of 2010.

Spent the weekend snowed in with AM and her kids. The snowblower made good work of the driveway and we were out and about before too long. I managed to get back to my house on Monday to check on things, pick up the daughter and check on the farm and horse.

Post-Christmas/New Year’s in Williamburg

After AM’s surgery just before Christmas (removing the screws from her ankle break – see September 2007), we decided to head to Williamsburg to get out of town and do some recuperation.

We checked out some restaurants, saw a play called Social Security and heard the glass armonica and other interesting instruments at the Crystal Concert.

Shot some pool at the Corner Pocket

Had a special wine tasting at the Williamsburg Winery.

December 19th – First big snowstorm of the season

December 12 - Annapolis Christmas Lights Boat Parade

AM’s oldest, who is in the sea scouts, took part in the parade again this year. The parade ended with fireworks over the harbor.

November – Thanksgiving

I made my scalloped potatoes, which is becoming my signature dish by request (from Julia Child’s cookbook). Ann’s youngest and friend rolling out the crusts for our pies.

September – Columbia Grand Prix

Our annual local show, also went to the Washington International Horse Show in October.
Oh – and one last note. This is my 100th post to my blog. Finally!


AM Kingsfield said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Amazing shot in the barn! How lucky no one was hurt. I love the picture of the girls with their horses in the snow.

Mom said...

nice pictures

Helen Smith said...

I stumble upon your blog, Interesting posts/article, and congrats on the 100th post!

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